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Gardens of Goodness - Just Energy Sustainable Gardens in Boston!

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Gardens of Goodness - Just Energy Sustainable Gardens in Boston!

On September 14th, we're excited to officially open sustainable gardens and outdoor learning spaces at three Boston area schools. Representatives from the Just Energy Foundation, Boston Cares and CitySprouts were pleased to be joined by teachers, principals and students to officially open the new teaching gardens and learning spaces at West Zone Early Learning Center, Henderson Inclusion School, and Donald McKay School. The teaching gardens were made possible with support from the Just Energy Foundation's Sustainable Garden initiative.

Check our Facebook page for some pictures. We're excited for students and teachers to start using the gardens in their daily curriculum.

Read what the City Sprouts and Principals from each school had to say about the Sustainable Garden.

Jane Hirschi, City Sprouts: “Just Energy Foundation’s commitment to sustainable gardens means City Sprouts has been able to launch three new Boston public school partnerships this year. This includes programming for the youngest students, who are so engaged and energized by what the teaching gardens have to offer.”

Jordan Weymer, Principal, McKay School:  “Just Energy’s support not only produced this wonderful new teaching garden for our students and teachers; it’s also fostered new partnerships with Boston Cares and City Sprouts.”

Patricia Lampron, Principal, Henderson: “The teaching garden is an authentic way to bring together students from different backgrounds and often with special needs to learn about gardening and nutrition – and one another!”

Jean Larrabee, Principal, West Zone: “For many of our students, the teaching garden is their first real opportunity to interact nature and to begin seeing themselves in relation to the larger environment. It’s also a source of pride for the community and some neighbors have become involved in taking care of the garden.”



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