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A Message From Just Energy CEO

Community has always been at the heart of what we do.

Just Energy is, and always has been, an organization focused on giving back to the communities where we live, work and play. As a company that grew from strong regional roots, we are firmly and proudly entrenched in our local connections.


The idea to establish a philanthropic entity came from a desire to unify our charitable efforts through one body dedicated exclusively to giving back. Through the Just Energy Foundation, we can better contribute to the well-being of our communities, and deliver value and stability to every one of our stakeholders, starting in neighborhoods large and small.


Since the Foundation was launched in 2013, we are proud to have partnered with several organizations that work so hard to make a difference in their local communities. A review of our blog and Community Action pages highlight some of those inspiring organizations and the vital work they do every day to help ease the burden of communities-at-risk and support those facing hardship and crisis.


We also recognize the importance of supporting education and mentoring opportunities that focus on skills and leadership development for our younger generation and change-makers-of-tomorrow. Our first-ever Just Energy Sustainable Garden, built at Brookline Elementary School in 2016, in partnership with Volunteer Houston, was a unique opportunity to combine our responsibility to the environment and youth empowerment through hands-on learning. The Garden ensures that elementary students have access today, and in the future, to facilities, resources, and progressive programming that they deserve in their education. It also fosters the development of higher achieving and more fulfilled students, all while engaging the community in continued volunteer service. This is the first of many outdoor classrooms and community gardens we plan to pursue through the Foundation.


It is a privilege to serve our operating markets through corporate giving as well as through hands-on employee volunteering. With strong ties to their communities, our staff members share our belief in giving back and strongly reflect our culture of leading change through responsibility and action.


We invite you to explore our site, and check back on our progress as we strive to cultivate unique, educational opportunities while building stronger, more supportive communities through volunteerism, and responsibility for the environment we all share.

R. Scott Gahn